Life Sciences in Europe Report – Smart Site Selection

Zurich / Singapore, June 2016 – Venture Valuation together with KPMG and its new partner EuropaBio has released its third Report on “Site Selection for Life Sciences companies in Europe”. The report now also added additional countries including Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain and Sweden. The report looks at the strength of Biotechnology, Medical Technology and Pharma.

In response to this growing need of life sciences companies for comprehensive and unbiased information on various countries and their ability to host key value drivers, KPMG, in collaboration with Venture Valuation and EuropaBio has published its report “Site Selection for Life Sciences Companies in Europe” for the third time.

As in past years, the report offers a comprehensive and unique overview of the various aspects relevant for smart site selection, such as size and specialization of the clusters, business-friendly legislation, macroeconomics and, naturally, the tax system. This combination of operational aspects and tax considerations gives life science companies a first insight into how their new or redesigned value chain could look from a location point of view.

Life Sciences clusters in Europe
According to the report, there are basically three types of European countries attractive to locate key value drivers of life science companies

  1. Countries with strong clusters of life science companies and an attractive tax and business environment.
  2. Countries that have significant clusters of life science companies in their jurisdictions, but lack the benefits of an attractive business environment.
  3. Countries which have attractive business and tax regimes without the support of a strong domestic biopharmaceutical industry.

All three types of countries can offer appealing opportunities for hosting certain key value drivers of life science companies.

“We are happy to have extended the report to include additional countries and also to have found a new partner in EuropaBio to help promote the European Biotechnology and Life Sciences industry. The Report also provides a comparison of the key European clusters with the BayArea to give an international benchmark. Using Biotechgate as a basis for the data collection is a big advantage, as it tracks over 40,000 companies and its assets / licensing opportunities worldwide.”
Dr. Patrik Frei, CEO of Venture Valuation / Biotechgate, Singapore/Switzerland
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