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Dr. Patrik Frei Delivers a Webinar to Harvard Business School Alumni

Harvard Business School HBS

On 7th of June 2017, CEO of Venture Valuation, Dr Patrik Frei, delivered a live webinar titled ‘Valuation of Life Sciences Start-up’ to healthcare alumni of Harvard Business School. The online event was a part of Healthcare Roundtable, a series of interactive presentations by industry leaders organised by HBS Healthcare Alumni Association.

Dr. Frei talked about the significance of professional, independent valuation at different stages of a company life and presented details of the most commonly used method, risk-adjusted net present value method. He shared tips on how to properly structure a licensing deal, based on a valuation, and presented a case study from his vast experience.

The presentation was followed by an intense Q&A session, but due to a large number of participants, some of the questions could not be answered immediately. Dr. Frei replied to the remaining questions by email and on our website after the event.

You are very welcome to watch the webinar. We hope you find it interesting and useful.