Site Selection for Life Sciences Companies in Asia – New Report in Collaboration with KPMG

Zurich / Singapore, July 2020 – In response to the growing need of life sciences companies for comprehensive and unbiased information on various countries and their ability to host key value drivers, KPMG, in collaboration with Venture Valuation has published its report “Site Selection for Life Sciences Companies in Asia” – the first edition. The report examines key trends and opportunities of the Asian Life Sciences sector across multiple regions, including India, China, Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, and the emerging markets of Southeast Asia, with a spotlight on digitalization, clinical trials, and IPOs in selected countries.

As the latest part of KPMG’s Site Selection for Life Sciences series, the report offers a comprehensive and unique overview of the various aspects relevant to consider setting up regional headquarters, manufacturing, or R&D facilities or investing in the Life Sciences industry in Asia. Such elements include size and specialization of the Life Sciences clusters, regulatory and IPO environment, macroeconomics, and, naturally, the tax system. This combination of operational aspects and tax considerations gives life science companies a first insight into how their new or redesigned value chain could look like in Asia.

Due to the heterogeneity of Asian countries in terms of the business practices, regulatory environment and maturity of the industry, the report primarily focuses on the four central scenes of the Asian Life Sciences sector: China, Hong Kong SAR, India, and Singapore; but also covers the emerging markets of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. The chief contribution of Venture Valuation was to provide insights into Initial Public Offerings of Life Sciences companies headquartered in the four main regions.

“We are happy to have had an opportunity to contribute to another KPMG report and believe that our proprietary database, Biotechgate, that was used to provide the data is the most comprehensive source of information about the Life Sciences industry. Thanks to partnerships with Asian organizations like TCELS, Seoul BioHub or Taiwan Bio Industry Organization we know about the latest news and developments in the region.”

 Dr. Patrik Frei, CEO of Venture Valuation / Biotechgate, Singapore/Switzerland

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