Venture Valuation

Valuation process

The complete valuation process takes around 3 to 5 weeks, including an onsite workshop with our experts.

Prior to the workshop we will review the company’s business plan, company documentation, market reports and collect preliminary information to establish a first impression of the company’s strategy.

We will then conduct an on-site workshop, usually with two specialists from Venture Valuation and the appropriate members of the company’s management team. The meeting normally begins with a short presentation by the company's management and a discussion of the crucial factors related to the valuation. During the meeting we also give support, related to strategic decisions, using the value based management approach. Depending on the company, as well as the available documents, this meeting will last half a day to two days.

The information we generally require for a valuation includes (but is not limited to):

Prior to the meeting you will be provided with a complete list of information that we would preferably require from you. The Valuation Report is then written based on all accumulated information. External data such as market, customer, partner and supplier information is also considered. As experience shows, the writing of a Valuation Report is an interactive procedure between us and the management team; therefore, continuous contact and information exchange is maintained.

We are happy to provide you with additional information and to send you a sample valuation report. Please contact us ››

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