Venture Valuation


We’ve served over 400 satisfied customers. Our clients include investors (about 45%) and companies (about 55%).

Have a look at our non-confidential list of investors and companies to get an idea of what we can do for you.


Aravis Switzerland Venture Capital Investor
BioM AG Germany Seed-investor Biotech
BSI Healthcapital SA Switzerland Biotech investment company of BSI SA
Celtic Pharma Holdings II L.P. UK Private equity fund (target USD 750m) with investments in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.
Esperante UK Early stage investor
European Investment Bank (EIB) Luxembourg European Union's financing institution
Family Office Germany Biotech focused private investor
GSK CEEDD UK Part of Alternative Discovery and Development Unit (ADD) within GSK
HP / NCICube Switzerland Corporate Investor / incubator of Hewlett-Packard
Novartis Venture Fund Switzerland Corporate Investor of Novartis International AG
Undisclosed UK and France Well established, international Biotech Investors
Unirisco / Uninvest Spain Spanish Investor


4SC Germany Public (Xetra: VSC) Biotech company (Crohn's disease, cancer therapeutics)
Adcom Group AG Switzerland Multimedia company (production of CD-ROMs, several services)
Ambrilia Canada Public (TSE: AMB) Biotech company (cancer therapeutics)
APR Applied Pharma Research Switzerland Pharma company
Arpida / Evolva Switzerland Fairness opinion on merger, Biotech company
Axxam SpA Italy Biotech company (HTS discovery)
Biolytix AG Switzerland Biotech company (molecular analysis
ChemOvation UK Biotech company (combinatorial chemistry)
Destiny Pharma UK Biotech company (licensing of patents)
Discovery Genomics Inc. USA Biotech company (functional genomics)
Esbatec Switzerland Biotech company (antibody fragments), today owned by Alcon / Novartis
Fachhochschule Salzburg Austria University (IT, Communication, Digital TV)
Genedata AG Switzerland Biotech company (bioinformatics)
Photonfocus AG Switzerland Hightech company (CMOS cameras and sensors)
Sinus Point AG Switzerland Medtech start-up company (micro products/components for micro - and cardiovascular surgery
Swiss Pharma Contract Switzerland Biotech company (clinical research)
Thommen Medical AG Switzerland Medtech company (dental implants)
Viron Therapeutics Inc. Canada Biotech company (drug discovery)
VitaPlant AG Switzerland Biotech company