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Partner identification for Biotech, Pharma and Medtech

Forming partnerships between companies is a typical strategic move in the life sciences industry. However finding the right partner for your organization can mean the difference between failure and success. Regardless of whether you are looking for collaboration on research & development (R&D) or licensing deals, the identification process can be a very complex task.

Finding the right partner can be a time-consuming task and with limited company resources available, the task can be extremely taxing. In addition, discretion and a level of secrecy can add an extra layer of complexity. The use of third party professionals therefore becomes not only warranted but essential. Whatever their reasons, we help our clients find the right partners. At Venture Valuation we use our global network, participate in various partnering conferences and use a variety of databases (including our own life science database

Our partner identification process contains a three-step approach tailored to your needs, where you can choose the level of support you require.

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