Upcoming events in the life science industry

Biotech CEO Summit EuropeBarcelona , Spain

The Biotech CEO Summits are unlike most meetings CEOs attend. It is not an investor conference nor is it a business development conference. Rather, the Summits’ focus is on the CEOs and the challenges they have leading their companies. The program is modeled after a think tank-style meeting with discussions led by subject matter experts with input from the CEOs. The CEOs benefit from the wisdom and experiences shared by other participating CEOs and the discussants. The Summits operate under Chatham House Rules to encourage open and frank conversations. The number of participants is limited to allow full engagement. Registration is not open; one has to be asked to join this event. The Summits are closed to media and the sessions are not recorded in order to provide an extra layer of privacy.

Representatives from Venture Valuation and Biotechgate will participate