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  • The Launch of the BioAlberta Life Sciences Database

    The Launch of the BioAlberta Life Sciences Database

    Zurich, Edmonton January 2018

    BioAlberta, a Canadian life sciences industry organization, has recently become a new business partner of Venture Valuation/Biotechgate. BioAlberta gathers a flourishing biotech community comprised of around 170 life sciences companies, government organizations, support service providers, and research & academic institutions, situated across the province.

    As per the partnership agreement, Venture Valuation provided BioAlberta with their proprietary database of Albertan companies and related life science organizations that is now integrated into the BioAlberta website.

    The database displays profiles of all the companies located in the province, as well as those listed in the global Biotechgate database. Additionally, members of BioAlberta are granted an extended profile.

    Besides company profiles, the industry statistics, such as the number of companies by sector, and a breakdown of the industry as a whole by subsector are displayed. Having a company listed on the database is free of charge, and it is possible to edit the content of the profile. Also, getting access to the database through the BioAlberta website doesn’t require a paid subscription.

    Venture Valuation CEO Dr. Patrik Frei said: ‘We are delighted to acquire another valuable partner in Canada. It will allow extending our knowledge about the industry in the country that has a particularly active life sciences market’.

    BioAlberta President and CEO Mel Wong said: ‘BioAlberta is pleased to be a partner with Venture Evaluation in making Biotechgate available to our members.  Access to an industry database has always been an important tool in the work of industry promotion, development, and advocacy.  We look forward to enhancing our support for the biotechnology industry through access to Biotechgate’.

    About partners:

    BioAlberta (www.bioalberta.com) is the central voice and organizing hub for the life sciences industry in Alberta. It is a private, not-for-profit industry association, representing Alberta’s growing life science sector. BioAlberta activity is focused in four key strategic areas: advocacy, promotion & marketing, industry development, and networking.

    Biotechgate (www.biotechgate.com) is a global business development database containing nearly 50,000 company profiles and providing the user with information on available licensing products, financing rounds, key management, technology platforms and more.

    Venture Valuation (www.venturevaluation.com) Venture Valuation VV AG is the owner of the Biotechgate Database. The company specializes in independent, third-party assessment, valuation, and monitoring of emerging high growth companies in industries such as biotechnology, med-tech, and high-tech