Keeping up with the Biotech industry

Real time access to the dynamic data used to generate reports is a clear advantage allowing you to see trends as they develop instead of being limited to a snapshot view of one point in time. Read this article to learn how you can access the information behind the statistics reports in real-time.

By Jost Renggli, July 2011*

In the July newsletter, Venture Valuation published the 2011 Life Science Statistics Reports. These reports are an insight into the Biotech and Pharma industry in several countries and present a variety of information including the number of companies in each industry sector and subsector, the size of the companies based on the number of employees and the product pipeline by phase. This is valuable information appreciated by analysts and business people around the globe but it is only a snapshot of the situation at a specific point in time. Even more interesting are the sources where this information can be retrieved in real time. The major source used by Venture Valuation is the Biotechgate database, an online, life sciences focused directory which contains more than 20’000 company profiles and over 1’300 licensing deals with financial details.

Retrieve company information for free

A subscription or registration is not required to use the basic search feature of Biotechgate. Simply type into the address bar of your browser and, once you arrive on the website, you will see a box called “Search”. Clicking on the search box brings you directly to the company search form of the database. Immediately you will have access to real time information about the number of companies per country, industry sector and subsector (see screenshot below).

Searching for Genomics and Proteomics companies in Switzerland

You can refine your search criteria to find all the companies operating in a specific area. In our example above, we are searching for “Biotech / R&D Service” companies which are active in the “Genomics” or “Proteomics” field and are located in Switzerland. Clicking on “search” provides us with a list of more than 20 companies. With a free registration to Biotechgate, you can further access the complete address (incl. postal address, phone number and website) of each company in your results list.

Detailed search features

Thanks to Biotechgate’s comprehensive categorization system and dynamic search tool, it is possible to filter search results by many additional search criteria. For example, with a subscription to the database, you can filter results to include only products in certain therapeutic areas or specific phases of clinical development. In the next screenshot, we apply a filter to select companies that have products in Phase II of clinical development and whose primary therapeutic areas is “Neoplasm / cancer / ontology”).

Screenshot 2: Filtering by therapeutic areas and clinical phase

All available search and subscription options are detailed at

*Jost Renggli is Partner and COO of Venture Valuation, a Swiss based company specialized in the third party assessment and valuations of technology driven companies in high growth markets. Venture Valuation also owns and maintains the global Biotech and life sciences database, Biotechgate. For any feedback or inquiries please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at