Celebrating 10 years of Biotechgate

Media Release

ZURICH, April 2013: Biotechgate is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year. With over 28’000 company profiles, 6000 licensing opportunities, 1500 deals and over 30 partners worldwide, it represents the largest online life sciences database of its kind.

Ten years ago, Venture Valuation started with its first database in Switzerland. At the time, the goal was to map the Swiss Life Sciences Industry, creating a national directory while at the same time providing different clusters access to the same data that could be integrated into their websites to form cluster directories. From the very beginning, the goal was to make it easy for companies to have only one profile. Besides Biotechnology, the directory had to also provide information on Medtech, Pharma and consulting companies and non-profit organisations with links or ties to the Life Sciences. Additionally, investors, media companies and suppliers were also imported and made part of the database.

The Swiss Life Sciences Database ended up becoming a big success and the partners at the time (BioAlps, BioValley/BaselArea, BioteCHnet, Greater Zurich Area, Six Swiss Exchange and SECO) were very pleased with the results and the opportunities open to the possible uses of the database. From here, Venture Valuation decided to expand their reach and use the technology for other countries as well. Soon additional countries were included like France, Austria, Italy and Germany and then across the Atlantic to include Canada and the United States.

Today, Biotechgate has over 30 partners worldwide who use the database for cluster mapping or as membership directories. BIOTECanada and Biocom in San Diego were early partners of the Biotechgate concept. Both use the database to not only map their members, but also to provide interested parties an overview of all companies in Canada or Southern California. So besides having a publicly available directory integrated into their websites, they also have the possibility to generate a range of statistics and key figures which include number of companies, pipelines by indication or phase, amount of financing within the industry, employment, source of new companies, headquarters of companies and much more.

In 2006, Venture Valuation also started developing a partnering system for EBD Group, partneringONE. The partnering system was built on the Biotechgate profiles and contained the same information used for the partnering. As Venture Valuation built both systems, profile data could be exchanged and helped to keep Biotechgate data up-to-date. As the partnering system is used in over 15 conferences annually, it allows companies to keep and maintain one profile that can be used for conferences as well as at association level, cluster level, national level and internationally too.

In 2007, Biotechgate was extended to all new member states in Europe. Venture Valuation participated in a framework 6 (FP6) program funded by the EU commission whose goal was to map the Biotech industry of the new member states. A report was published, 14 new country databases developed and companies of 14 additional countries were added to the Biotechgate database.

Now in our 10th year, Venture Valuation have published many different cluster and country reports and are frequently asked by different governments to provide information on the Biotech and Life Sciences industry in their regions. A big advantage of this grassroots approach of having a global database and working with local partners has been that we can compare different regions, clusters and countries with each other and identify key strengths and opportunities that our partners and customers can then use.

We are very pleased to have passed our ten year milestone and to have seen the Biotechgate database grow exponentially during that time. We would like to thank our partners worldwide for making Biotechgate a success.

Our partners worldwide include:

Ag-West Bio, Bio Alberta, BIO Maryland, BioAlliance, BioAtlantech, Biocat, Biocom, BioHouston, BioNova, BioNRW, BIOTECanada, Biovalley Alsace, Biovalley Germany, Biovalley Switzerland, Copenhagen Capacity, Göteborg Business Region, Invest in Skane, Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association, Life Sciences Assocation of Manitoba, Life Sciences Onario, Life Sciences Zurich, Lifesciences British Colombia, Medical Delta, Medicon Valley, Montgomery County, One Nucleus, SIX Swiss Exchange, SULS, SwedenBIO, Swiss Biotech Association

About us:
Venture Valuation (www.venturevaluation.com)
Venture Valuation specializes in independent, third party assessment, valuation and monitoring of emerging high growth companies in industries such as biotechnology, med-tech and high-tech. Services are provided in the form of independent Valuation Reports to entrepreneurs (seed to pre-IPO) and investors. With offices in Switzerland, Germany, Canada and Asia, Venture Valuation has an experienced team of scientists and business professionals with expertise in finance, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and high technology industries. Furthermore, Venture Valuation has initiated, maintains and further develops the Biotech and Life Sciences Database Biotechgate (www.biotechgate.com),

Biotechgate (www.biotechgate.com)
The Biotechgate Database is property of Venture Valuation AG, Switzerland. Biotechgate is a global Life Sciences Database containing over 28’000 company profiles and providing the user with information on available licensing products, financing rounds, key management, technology platforms. It also contains a licensing deals database, all with financial information on the specific deal.

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