Launch of the Life Science Cluster Member Directory

May 2020. Zurich

Biotechgate/Venture Valuation and The Life Science Cluster (TLSC) announce that they entered a mutual partnership last month. As per the agreement, Venture Valuation created a member directory that has already been implemented in the TLSC website. It features profiles of all the companies being TLSC members along with a map of the cluster and basic sector statistics.

The Life Science Cluster was established in 2016 to provide a networking platform and support to life science companies, both based in Norway and internationally. It is open to biotech, pharma, and other healthcare companies as well as those whose activity is based on natural resources like the marine sector, agriculture and forestry.

TLSC is the second Norwegian partner of Biotechgate/Venture Valuation. The company has already been in an active partnership with the Oslo Cancer Cluster for five years.

The TLSC member directory is available for free at

‘We have a very good experience in cooperation with Norwegian and Nordic in general, industry associations, and are very happy to have TLSC as a partner. Hopefully, we will contribute to the promotion of the cluster and also enrich our global database with information about the Norwegian industry’
Dr. Patrik Frei, Venture Valuation CEO

Venture Valuation AG –
Venture Valuation specializes in independent, third-party assessment and valuation of biotechnology, pharma and med-tech companies. Services are provided in the form of independent Valuation Reports to entrepreneurs (seed to pre-IPO) and investors. With offices in Switzerland, Ireland, UK, Canada, USA and Asia, Venture Valuation has an experienced team of scientists and business professionals with expertise in finance, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and regulatory.

Biotechgate –
Biotechgate is a business development database that contains over 55,000 high-quality profiles of life science companies which include company descriptions, contact information, product pipeline information, financing rounds, management details, and licencing deals. In 2019 a clinical trial database containing over 500,000 records was added to Biotechgate. The new database is integrated with registries around the world.

The Life Science Cluster –
The Life Science Cluster is a network for all companies and organizations for which the life sciences are key. This includes health and medicine where Norway’s advanced healthcare system forms a unique basis for the development of new technology. It also encompasses the marine sector, agriculture and forestry, where Norway has world leading industries based on Norway’s vast natural resources and strong research-based technology development.

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