Venture Valuation/Biotechgate and One Nucleus Partner to Boost Life Sciences Connectivity and Innovation

Zurich, Switzerland and Cambridge, UK, September 2023 – Biotechgate, a leading global life sciences business development and licensing database and One Nucleus, a Cambridge, UK-based life sciences and healthcare membership organisation, are thrilled to announce a collaboration to boost life sciences connectivity and innovation. The purpose of this collaboration is to provide a reliable hub of information for professionals, organizations, and individuals across the industry by enhancing connections and promoting innovation.

A highlight of this partnership is the provision of a comprehensive member directory for One Nucleus, powered by Biotechgate. This searchable directory will offer valuable insights into company profiles, sector statistics, and up-to-date information to guide strategic decisions. One Nucleus member profiles featured on Biotechgate will be publicly accessible, expanding their reach within the industry.

The new alliance also entails the preparation of an annual financing report for the UK and Cambridge cluster using Biotechgate data. This will shed light on trends in the UK life science landscape and serve as a valuable resource for industry professionals.  

“At Biotechgate, we recognize the power of data to drive progress and innovation in the life sciences sector,” said Dr Patrik Frei, CEO of Venture Valuation, the owner of Biotechgate. “Teaming up with One Nucleus is a logical step in our journey, as it aligns perfectly with our commitment to fostering connectivity and facilitating growth opportunities for all stakeholders in the industry.”

“One Nucleus has a strong commitment to supporting innovation within the Life Sciences sector. Through this collaboration with Biotechgate, we are introducing a powerful tool to the One Nucleus website that will enable our members to be searchable across key criteria. This is important for those searching our database with the aim of identifying potential partners, investors and clients. This tool will also provide increased visibility of One Nucleus members to those searching the global life science industry not just our members, further enhancing the value of One Nucleus membership. Finally, we are delighted that our members will now receive exclusive VIP codes for future Biotechgate Digital Partnering events, reinforcing our commitment to bringing the best people together” said Tony Jones, CEO, One Nucleus.

Explore the One Nucleus member directory and visit the UK Biotech Database as the information hub for life sciences companies in the UK.

About Biotechgate:

Biotechgate is a leading business development and licensing database for the entire life science industry, offering a wealth of information on over 69,000 life science company profiles. Thanks to its unique data sourcing process, the profiles include company descriptions, contact information, product pipeline information, financing rounds, and management details, making it an invaluable resource for life sciences start-ups, pharma companies, investors, and other industry professionals. Biotechgate also features 30,000 licensing deals and a clinical trials database containing over 800,000 records from registries around the world.

About One Nucleus:

One Nucleus is a not-for-profit Life Sciences & Healthcare membership organization headquartered in Cambridge. We support institutions, companies and individuals in the Life Sciences sector providing local, UK-wide and international connectivity.

Through providing the local, UK-wide and international connectivity, One Nucleus seeks to enable our members to maximize their performance. This support helps them achieve, or better still exceed, the goals they have set for themselves. Biomedical and Healthcare R&D have always been impactful in driving social and economic progress. In an increasingly outsourced, collaborative and multi-disciplinary sector, bringing the best people together is key to translating great innovation into great products that markedly improve patient outcomes and drive economic development. Attracting and enabling the best people to engage with is at the heart of the One Nucleus team ethos and what we continually strive to deliver.