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Product & Company Valuation CourseBoston , USA

The Product & Company Valuation course is designed to teach a systematic approach to producing a valuation that can be used in investment rounds, mergers/acquisitions, licensing deals, or strategic development decisions in the pharma-biotech world. This introductory course is very valuable for pharma and biotech executives who are not familiar with compound and company valuations but need a thorough understanding of the valuation concepts and techniques that are commonly applied in the pharma and biotech industries. It goes beyond the number-crunching techniques of most consultants and includes difficult to define qualitative factors which shape the risk profile of the company in question. This course optimally balances interactive lectures with practical group work exercises that are designed to help you practice the fundamental valuation tools & techniques taught throughout the day. Valuation is an inherently subjective task, which is made even more difficult in the life science industry due to its unique challenges: high attrition rates in R&D, long investment cycle, complex technologies, IP situations, etc. Therefore, traditional valuation methods are not suitable. Of particular value in this course is the “Product Valuation and Deal Structuring” module where registrants will learn the commonly used rNPV (i.e., risk-adjusted Net Present Value) method for calculating the value of a drug in development. Subsequently, you will practice how to structure a licensing deal between companies. Registrants will use an Excel-based tool designed specifically for this module, which can be taken home for future use.

Representatives from Venture Valuation and Biotechgate will participate