• Venture Valuations Biotechgate Collaborates with California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) to Connect California’s Life Sciences Sector

    Venture Valuations Biotechgate Collaborates with California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) to Connect California’s Life Sciences Sector

    Zurich, Bay Area & San Diego, CA – August 2017 – California Life Sciences Association (CLSA), the premier public policy advocacy and business leadership trade association representing California’s life sciences industry, and Venture Valuations Biotechgate, a global Life Sciences database today announced their collaboration to create an in-depth member directory for CLSA as well as a unique, industry leading company directory for California.

    The new CLSA Member Directory will be found on the association’s website at www.califesciences.org/member-resources and will also be a part of the larger Biotechgate global life sciences database (www.biotechgate.com), which includes more than 45,000 company profiles. CLSA members will have access to enhanced features such as a comprehensive search function, detailed profiles and the ability to filter companies by sectors, indications, product phase, location, therapeutic focus and many other categories.  CLSA will also be able to showcase the cluster strength and key metrics of California’s life sciences sector.  Sara Radcliffe, President and CEO of California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) said: “As the life sciences advocacy and business leadership trade association for life sciences in California, CLSA is pleased to provide our members with the tools and data they need to gather the latest industry intelligence as well as connect and network with each other. This new collaboration with Venture Valuations Biotechgate enhances our member experience and delivers the quality resources California’s life sciences sector deserves.”

    Dr. Patrik Frei, CEO of Venture Valuation said: “Partnering with California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) is a tremendous step forward for Biotechgate. Because CLSA represents one of the key life sciences clusters worldwide, we are very happy to welcome California’s premier Biotech and Life Sciences hub into the Biotechgate network. In addition, we are pleased to connect CLSA through Biotechgate with our global partners such as AusBiotech, BioCat, BioDeutschland, BioHolland, BioSweden, BioTaiwan, BIOTECanada, BIO.NRW, Life Sciences Ontario, MediconValley, OBN, State of Maryland and many more.”

    The Biotechgate Database is the property of Venture Valuation AG, Switzerland. Biotechgate is a global life science database providing the user with information on life science companies, licensing products, financing rounds as well as key contact information on management It also contains a database on licensing deals and associated financial information on individual deals.


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    The Biotechgate Database is property of Venture Valuation AG, Switzerland. Biotechgate is a global Life Science Database containing over 70,000 assets, licensing product, financing and deal information and a unique life sciences investors’ directory.


    California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) (www.califesciences.org)
    California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) is California’s premier life sciences public policy and business leadership trade association. With offices in Sacramento, San Diego, South San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington DC, CLSA works closely with industry, government, academia and others to shape public policy, improve access to innovative technologies and grow California’s life sciences economy. CLSA serves biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics companies, research universities and institutes, investors and service providers throughout the Golden State. CLSA was founded in 2015 when the Bay Area Bioscience Association (BayBio) and the California Healthcare Institute (CHI) merged. Visit CLSA at www.califesciences.org, and follow us on Twitter @CALifeSciences, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.


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