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  • Panel at JPM January 2017 – Future of Life Sciences

    Panel at JPM January 2017 – Future of Life Sciences

    The topic if this year’s evening event at JPM in San Francisco co-organized by BaselArea.swiss Economic Promotion, KPMG and Venture Valuation was Designing The Future in Life Sciences – A Discussion About (Human) Capital & Innovation.

    How will life sciences look like in – let’s say – 2030? What are sustainable and future business models for biotech companies and investors? How will the global workforce change and how can companies prepare for future talent? Which global regions and cities will be leading in innovation and why? These and other questions about how the life sciences industry is shaping the future where the topic of this exciting evening.

    One interesting aspect of the discussion was the challenges big pharma will face in the future. Having had pressure and support from Biotech companies in the development of new products, panellist discussed the possible future impact on marketing and distribution by new companies for pharma – basically the “Uberisation” of big pharmas stronghold. There will be a whole range of new start-ups with services to challenge the traditional business models of pharma companies.

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