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  • Life Sciences BC – New Canadian Partner for Venture Valuation/Biotechgate

    Life Sciences BC – New Canadian Partner for Venture Valuation/Biotechgate

    Zurich/Vancouver January 2018

    Biotechgate/Venture Valuation announce entering a partnership with Life Sciences British Columbia, a Canadian non-profit organization. The goal of the partnership is to develop and run a database comprised of the life science companies situated in the province of British Columbia. The database will be integrated into the Life Sciences BC website (lifesciencesbc.ca) and access will be provided free of charge to all website users. The database will list all members and sponsors of the organization

    The British Columbia database will be a part of the global Biotechgate database that currently includes over 49,000 companies predominantly from the Biotech, Pharma, Medtech, and eHealth sectors. Additionally, it lists many relevant service providers, investors, media, and academic institutions, as well as non-profit and government organizations. The data is continuously updated by both the Biotechgate team and the listed companies themselves as all of the listed companies have access to the content of their profiles that allows them to contribute to the project. The database features advanced search options that will also be available in the local integration on the Life Science BC website.

    Dr. Patrik Frei, CEO of Venture Valuation said: ‘We hope to gain a better insight into the vibrant life sciences industry in British Columbia thanks to the cooperation with our new partner’

    Dr. Lesley Esford, President of Life Sciences BC said: ‘We are pleased to partner with Biotechgate and expect that this search service will support the needs of our broader community. When you are a small to medium size business, it can be difficult to connect with the best service providers; I’m certain adding the Biotechgate database, will be of overall benefit to our membership.’

    About us:

    Life Sciences British Columbia (lifesciencesbc.ca) is a non-profit, industry association which supports and represents the life science community of British Columbia through leadership, investment, advocacy, and promotion of our world-class life science community.

    Biotechgate (biotechgate.com) is a global business development database containing nearly 50,000 company profiles and providing the user with information on available licensing products, financing rounds, key management, technology platforms and more.

    Venture Valuation (venturevaluation.com) Venture Valuation VV AG is the owner of the Biotechgate Database. The company specializes in independent, third-party assessment, valuation, and monitoring of emerging high growth companies in industries such as biotechnology, med-tech, and high-tech.